Travel declaration / certificate

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Why a travel declaration / certificate?

To contain the spread of Covid-19, most countries have imposed restrictions on incoming travellers. In most cases, persons from outside are only allowed to enter a country if they can prove that they are not carrying the Covid-19 disease and/or have to go into quarantine for a long period of time. In some cases, only a recent (officially recognised) negative test result, to be shown on paper or digitally (e.g. on your phone), is sufficient to be allowed to travel to a country and/or to prevent having to go into compulsory quarantine. In other cases, countries require both a negative test result as well as a negative test declaration (non-Covid-19 declaration), also known as a test certificate or a travel certificate. With the travel certificate an extra guarantee is added to the authenticity of the test result.

When to get a travel declaration / certificate?

The situation in which an additional test certificate is required varies from country to country. For example, travellers coming from an EU/Schengen country to the Netherlands need a negative test result and travellers coming from outside the EU/Schengen to the Netherlands need to show an official travel certificate in addition to the test result. Even when you are not travelling, a test certificate or test proof may be required in some situations (e.g. events where many people come together) in order to provide extra certainty about your test result.

What does the travel declaration / certificate say?

The test certificate is written in English. In addition to your name, passportnumber and date of birth, this travel certificate states the date and time that the Covid-19 test was taken, the samplenumber, the name of the doctor or medical institution that performed the test and, of course, the test result. The type of test taken (NAAT/PCR, antigen/rapid test, etc.) and the way in which the material to be tested was collected are also mentioned (nose swab or saliva). Finally, the test/travel certificate is signed by the responsible doctor or medical institution.

ATTENTION: Some authorities or organisations do not accept test results that have been generated by a saliva test. The method by which the PCR test was taken is mentioned in the travel declaration. In case of doubt, you should therefore preferably choose a throat and nose swab for a PCR test.

How and when do I receive my travel declaration / certificate?

When a PCR test is taken via Coronasnelcheck, the travel certificate is automatically included in the test (price). This test certificate is provided in English. The travel certificate is delivered at the same time as the test result, namely at the latest the evening of the day after the day the test was taken (see our FAQ for urgent cases). This certificate can be viewed in the secured portal just like the test result (an email notification including username will be sent for this).

The rapid test (antigen test) does not include a travel certificate. This can be booked for an extra charge of €15 (as a testpackage for €55,-). In this case the international travel certificate will be delivered by e-mail within 1 to 3 hours after the result of the test.

Who signs the travel declaration / certificate at Coronasnelcheck?

The travel certificates that are requested through Coronasnelcheck are provided by the laboratory we work with (HowAreYou Diagnostics) for the PCR tests. For the rapid tests, this falls under the supervision and direction of the doctors of the Sport en Rehabilitatie Kliniek (Sports and Rehabilitation Clinic). These are internationally recognised test certificates.

For which type of test should I request a travel declaration / certificate?

Although more and more countries also accept only a rapid test (antigen test), the PCR test remains the most requested test. Some destinations even require a test certificate for both tests. It is your responsibility to inform yourself as well as possible about the applicable requirements of your travel destination and to have the right test done at the right time.

Can I request a travel declaration / certificate afterwards?

The test certificate is always included with the PCR test. With a rapid test, a travel statement/certificate can also be requested afterwards. It is only possible to request test certificates for tests that have been arranged by Coronasnelcheck.

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