Antigen ‘Shallow nose’ rapid test €45 / with travel declaration €55

  • Test locations in Amsterdam (North, Centre, South), Amersfoort, Haarlem, Utrecht and Laren / ‘t Gooi
  • Groupbookings and multiple test bookings available
  • International travel declaration is optional
  • Our antigen tests with certificate are only valid for countries that accept or demand an antigen rapid test (Italy, Austria, Poland, Germany, Spain, etcetera). Always check actual travel guidelines of your destination
  • Free cancellations or changes until 6 hours in advance
  • Secured online payments via iDeal or Credit Card

How does it work?

You make an appointment

Choose one of our Covid test locations and book a shallow nose test.  

You receive the confirmation

Check your email for the confirmation.

You go to our test site for the shallow nose test

Don’t forget to bring your ID (passport, ID card or driving license) and a face mask and be on time, not too early and not too late.


The test is always administered by medically trained personnel. The locations and the staff are all checked for correct medical practice (in accordance with National Institute of Public Health/RIVM  guidelines) by an inspector of the Municipal Health Service (GGD).


You will receive the results within 15-30 minutes via SMS (always check if you have received an SMS, not everyone has enabled the push notification that an SMS has been received) 

What is a shallow nose test?

The shallow nose test is a rapid antigen test to show whether a person can currently infect another person with the coronavirus (SARS- CoV-2). With the shallow nose test, a sample is taken from the front of the nose, from both nostrils. This test is therefore suitable for people who find the usual Covid test, in which a cotton swab is inserted deeper into the back of the nose and throat, uncomfortable. If, for example, you want your children to be tested for Covid, this test is very suitable. Coronasnelcheck offers shallow nose tests from Roche, validated by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

How does a shallow nose test work?

Just like the ‘standard’ rapid test, this test reacts to the presence of proteins of the virus; these proteins are called antigens. This test is therefore, like the rapid test, an antigen test. A nasal swab is taken from the front of the nose at a depth of about 2 to 2.5 cm. This is much less deep than with the ordinary rapid test, so if, for example, you want to have your child tested for Covid, this is a less invasive way. The swab is taken from both nostrils and then processed by our staff. After 15 minutes, the result of the rapid test can be read. With a specificity of 98.6%, this test is very reliable. This means that if you get a negative test result, it is 98.6% certain that you are not contagious to others with the coronavirus (SARS- CoV-2).

For whom?

A shallow nose test is suitable for anyone who needs a test result quickly and who finds the ‘normal’ Covid tests unpleasant. For children, for example, the ordinary way of testing for Covid is often uncomfortable. As this Covid test does not go as deeply into the nose, it can be described as child-friendly. With this antigen test, you receive the test result within 15 to 30 minutes.

Testing locations

Amsterdam South

Johannes Verhulststraat 63 – Amsterdam

Cafe Gruter – Willemsparkweg – has moved to Joh. Verhulst: 150 metres further on

Also for Buitenveldert, Amstelveen, Schiphol and Badhoevedorp

Amsterdam City Centre 1

Nes 59

Amsterdam City Centre 2

Herenstraat 12C

Amsterdam North

Drive In / Walk In
Johan van Hasseltweg 51 – Amsterdam

Also for Zaandam, Landsmeer, Haarlem, Bloemendaal and Purmerend

the Gooi

Burgemeester van Nispen van Sevenaerstraat 6 – Laren 

(entry between nr 4 and 6, behind former Rabobank office)

a.o. Laren, Huizen, Bussum, Naarden, Hilversum, Baarn, Eemnes and Almere


MBO Amersfoort – Leusderweg 30-34 – Amersfoort

Also for the municipality of Soest, Nijkerk and Leusden


Planetenlaan 5 – Haarlem

Also for the municipality of Bloemendaal, Santpoort, Overveen, Aerdenhout, Zandvoort, Heemstede and Velsen


ROC Midden Nederland – Brandenburchdreef 20 – Utrecht

Drive In / Walk In (in front of the pink pavement sign of the Coronasnelcheck: drive in / walk out at the sign staff parking and continue to the test location)

Also for the municipalities Bilthoven, De Bilt, Zeist, Maarssen, Breukelen, Vleuten and Nieuwegein.