NAAT PCR test with travel declaration €85,-

  • Test locations in Amsterdam (North, City Centre, South), Amersfoort, Utrecht, Laren / Huizen and Haarlem
  • Weekend: locations Amsterdam City Centre, Amsterdam South and Laren/Huizen are open on Saturday and Sunday
  • Laboratory PCR test: ISO certified / validated by the Dutch RIVM. This PCR test is a NAAT (PCR) test approved for international travel
  • Choice between same day results (URGENT) or next day results and/or PCR test by throat and nose swab or by saliva collection
  • Groupbookings or multiple test bookings are available
  • Cancellations or changes free of charge until 6 hours in advance
  • Secured payment services through iDeal or Creditcard

How does it work?

You make an appointment

Choose one of our Covid-19 test locations and book a test. You can choose between the PCR test by taking a nose and throat swab (€85,= including travel certificate) or the PCR test by taking saliva (€99,= including travel certificate).

You will receive the confirmation

Check your e-mail for confirmation.

For the PCR test, you go to our test site

Download the app ‘consentry’ on your phone. We will use this app to inform you of your test result and certificate. Your test will be linked to this app and your personal data will remain on your device (i.e. not stored on a Bright Labs/Healthmark or consentry server). The only exception is in case your test is positive, then our laboratory (Bright Labs/Healthmark) is obliged to report this to the GGD. You have given us your active permission to do so.

Don’t forget to bring your ID (passport or ID card, driving licence is not sufficient) and your mouth mask and be on time, not too early and not too late.

On location, you register at the registration desk: you show your ID and scan the QR code that our tester gives you. You fill in all the details and register. You show our tester your registration and then you will be tested.


The test is always conducted by medically trained personnel.


If you were tested on one day, you will receive your test result via the app ‘Consentry’ no later than 22.00 pm of the following day. If you have indicated in this app that you want to receive a push notification, you will receive the notification as soon as your test result and your certificate are available in the app. So you don’t have to wait for an e-mail (which may end up in your spam) or SMS/phone call for the results. The results will also be available in your app.

You can get your travel certificate from the app in English with the results in 8 languages (NL/EN/FR/DE/IT/ES/RU/PL). For each test result, positive or negative, you can retrieve a certificate (pdf) in the app and then print it, send it or share it when needed for a trip or health statement for an employer, for example.

Should you have any questions about your result, please contact Coronasnelcheck at Your test will be analysed by Brightlabs. If something went wrong with your test, you will be contacted. Brightlabs will always perform a second analysis should the first one not give a result for whatever reason.

What is a NAAT/PCR test?

The PCR test (polymerase chain reaction test) is a test to show whether you are currently infected with the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). The PCR-test is considered the best test to detect Covid-19. The PCR test detects the presence of RNA (genetic material) of the virus. A PCR test can detect the virus within a few days of infection, even if no symptoms are present yet. A PCR test is a kind of NAAT test. With a negative test result, you can travel abroad in most cases.

How does a PCR test work?

A PCR test (NAAT test) can be carried out using a throat and nose swab or a saliva or gargle swab. Many people find the throat and nose swab uncomfortable and therefore prefer to collect saliva. The collected material is analysed in our laboratory. We check whether genetic material of the virus can be found in the sample collected. This results in a negative or positive result. You will receive the result in the evening of the next day. We use an ISO-certified test and laboratory, which has been validated by the RIVM.

For whom?

The PCR test is suitable for people who are planning to travel abroad, for example, and who have no other symptoms of Covid-19. According to the regulatory authorities, the PCR test is the only test that can rule out infection in such cases. A PCR test not only shows contagiousness, but also whether you are currently developing the virus or have just had it. Always follow the applicable rules (keep your distance, wash your hands, etc), even if the test has a negative result. Many countries currently have entry restrictions as part of the anti Covid-19 measures. A negative PCR test with a medical certificate (and/or sometimes also a negative rapid test with certificate) is required for travel to these countries, sometimes also without having to go into compulsory quarantine. Entry restrictions can always vary from country to country. Therefore, always keep an eye on the website of the national government:


Test locations

Amsterdam Zuid

Johannes Verhulststraat 63 – Amsterdam (open on weekends)

Also for Buitenveldert and Amstelveen

Amsterdam Centrum

Herenstraat 12C

Also open on weekends.

Amsterdam Noord

Drive In / Walk In
Johan van Hasseltweg 51 – Amsterdam

‘t Gooi

including Laren, Huizen, Bussum, Naarden and Hilversum

Havenstraat 305 – Huizen

(Green door entrance around the corner from the IZIFit building)

Our location Burgemeester van Nispen van Sevenaerstraat 6 – Laren will be opening soon. Huizen is open daily, also in weekends.


MBO Amersfoort – Leusderweg 30-34 – Amersfoort

Also for the municipality of Soest, Leusden, Hoevelaken and Nijkerk


Planetenlaan 5 – Haarlem

Entry through green gate at Karel Doormanlaan (around the corner)

Also for the municipality of Bloemendaal, Santpoort, Overveen, Aerdenhout, Zandvoort, Heemstede and Velsen


ROC Midden Nederland – Brandenburchdreef 20 – Utrecht

Drive In / Walk In (in front of pink Coronasnelcheck pavement sign: enter (by car/foot) at ‘parkeren personeel’ (staff parking) sign and continue to test site)

Also for the municipalities Bilthoven, Zeist, Maarssen, De Bilt, Vleuten, Breukelen and Nieuwegein