Test Location Laren

Burgemeester van Nispen van Sevenaerstraat 6 – Laren

Entry through gate between nr 4 and 6, next to former Rabobank office

Open on working days: 08.30-17.30

Also for Bussum, Eemnes, Blaricum, Hilversum, Huizen, Naarden and Baarn


How do I get there?

Our Covid-19 testing location in Laren is open every working day for a cheap PCR or rapid test with or without a travel certificate. Our location in Laren is close to the centre of Laren (behind the old Rabobank building) and at 2 minutes walking distance from the Nigtevecht bus stop. This location is easily accessible for people from nearby places such as Hilversum, Blaricum, Baarn, Huizen, Bussum, Naarden, Eemnes and Valkeveen.


How does it work?

Everyone is welcome at our Covid-19 test location in Laren, but please make an appointment first via the website. Pay easily and safely in advance via iDeal or credit card, for the lowest price in the Netherlands. You will then receive an appointment confirmation via e-mail. For a PCR test, download the app ‘consentry’ on your phone. This is used to inform you of the test result and to send you the travel certificate. Your test will be linked to this app and your personal data will remain on your device (i.e. not stored on a server of Bright Labs/Healthmark or consentry). There is one exception: if your test is positive, our laboratory (Bright Labs/Healthmark) is obliged to report this to the GGD. You have given us your active consent to do so.

Bring the ID card you will be travelling with (your passport or ID card, a driving licence is not sufficient) and a mouth mask and be on time (not too early and not too late) at the test location in Laren.

As soon as you arrive at our test site in Laren, you register at the registration desk: you show your ID and for the PCR test you scan the QR code that our tester gives you. You fill in all the details and register. You show our tester your registration and then you will be tested. For a quick test, this method of registration is not necessary.


What do we offer?

At our Covid-19 test site in Laren, we have different types of cheap tests:

– PCR test involving the collection of a nasal and throat swab (€85,- including travel certificate and during off peak hours €79,- including certificate) and the same day PCR test URGENT (€129,- including travel declaration).

– Rapid test (€40,- or €55,- including travel certificate / test certificate) and a shallow nose test for €45,- (including travel declaration €60,-).

The test is always administered by medically trained personnel. Both our rapid test and our PCR test have been validated by RIVM. Partly thanks to our cooperation with MBO Amersfoort and ROC Utrecht, Coronasnelcheck is the cheapest provider of PCR and rapid tests in the Netherlands. The locations and the staff are all checked for correct medical practice (in accordance with RIVM guidelines) by an inspector from the municipal health service (GGD).

Result and travel certificate

After a PCR test you will receive the result of the test no later than the following evening. Via the app consentry you can view the test result. With a Covid-19 rapid test you will receive the test result by SMS within 15-30 minutes. Make sure you check whether you received an SMS, sometimes the push notification that an SMS has been received is not on.

Many countries now have entry restrictions as part of the Covid-19 measures. A negative PCR test with medical certificate is usually required to enter the country and avoid mandatory quarantine. Sometimes, proof of a negative rapid test is sufficient or even required additionally.

With a travel certificate you can travel to Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, among other places. We also offer the option of this test certificate, which is included with the PCR test and can be ordered inexpensively and easily in addition to a rapid test. The travel certificate of the PCR test can be retrieved via the app in English with the result in 8 different languages (NL/EN/FR/DE/IT/ES/PL/RU). The travel certificate or test certificate of a quick test will be mailed to you. Please always follow the advice of the national government. For the latest developments regarding the travel restrictions, please visit their website.



Our test location in Laren is at Burgemeester van Nispen van Sevenaerstraat 6. This street is the main access road from/to motorway A1 and Hilversum.


By car you can easily reach our test site in Laren from different places. The entrance is left of number 6 (the former Rabobank office). For people from the area like Hilversum, Blaricum. Bussum, Naarden and Eemnes, our location is around 5-15 minutes away, At our testlocation in Laren you can park for free in front our our testsite.