Important to know: what can you expect from us?

Reliability of the test result

The test technology of the PCR test used by our laboratory (HAY Diagnostics) for Covid-19 diagnostics is very advanced. RIVM has validated this technology. This also applies to the antigen rapid tests that we use (Roche and Abbott), these are both RIVM-validated. Test results are therefore very reliable in the vast majority of cases. However, there is always a small chance of a “false positive” result (the result indicates infection, although you are not in fact infected) or a “false negative” result (the test finds no evidence of infection, although you are in fact infected). No test technology can completely exclude these types of false positives or false negatives. Therefore, your test result does not offer 100% certainty.

What if the test does not give a result?

In some circumstances, the sample we take from you may not give a definite result. For example, if you have recently consumed alcohol, if you have recently taken certain types of medication orally, if you have rinsed with certain brands of mouthwash before the test, or if there are other contaminations in the mouth, throat and nasal cavities. In the case of a PCR test, the laboratory analyst will contact you and carry out a 2nd analysis. If this analysis also gives an inconclusive result, we will offer you a second PCR test as soon as possible. In this case, we will also endeavour to provide you with the result of the second test in good time, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee this. In the case of a rapid test, our team will contact you as soon as possible and make a new appointment for a second test.

How do I receive my test result and (Non)COVID-19 Certificate?

You will receive the result of your antigen rapid test by SMS.

You will see the result of the PCR test in the portal of HAY Diagnostics immediately after the result is available. You will receive an e-mail (which can end up in your spam folder) to download your results. The results also remain available in the portal. The travel certificate can also be found in the portal. For each test result, positive or negative, the certificate (pdf) can be retrieved in the portal and then printed, sent or shared when needed for a trip or health statement for an employer, for example.

When will I receive my test result and (Non)COVID-19 Certificate?

PCR Test:

In case of a PCR test, we will do everything possible to inform you of your test result and to provide you with the (Non)COVID-19 Certificate as soon as possible after taking your test sample (for a regular PCR test: tested one day, results the next day at the latest in the evening before 22.00pm and in case of a booking for an urgent PCR test: tested before 11.00 am, results on the same day in the evening before 22.00 pm). In the vast majority of cases, we succeed in doing so, but we can’t give guarantees.

If you book an urgent PCR test (same day result), you get tested in the morning and the lab analysis will take place in the afternoon. Only the first analysis can be done on the same day. If this analysis doesn’t give a result (there is a small chance of an inconclusive result), we will not be able to do the second analysis on the same day. This will be done the next morning and that result will therefor only be reported the next day instead if the same day. So just to make sure, we stongly advice to plan your PCR test well in advance if possible (next day service) because with the same day service you take the risk that in case of an inconclusive result you are not able to receive your result on the same day. We don’t take that responsibility.  

In conclusion, the term for receiving your test result and certificate is an indication, not a guarantee.

If you have not received a result by the evening after the day you were tested, please send an email, no later than 48 hours after your test sample, to info@coronasnelcheck.nl stating your registration number which can be found in the app consentry.

Sometimes it may happen that a test result and/or COVID19 PCR Certificate is received later – for example, because we have to give priority to people with a medical indication, to healthcare personnel and to people from other (government-appointed) crucial professions.

If you have not received your test result and/or (Non)COVID-19 Certificate within 72 hours after sample collection and  you have informed us about this by email within 48 hours after  your test sample, we will refund your test fee upon your request. Because we cannot guarantee the provision of your test result and/or (Non)COVID-19 Certificate, we do not accept liability for any damage you may suffer as a result of not having received your test result and/or (Non)COVID-19 Certificate within 72 hours.

Furthermore, in all cases (not only when your test result and/or certificate has not been received on time), our total, cumulative liability for any shortcoming is limited to a maximum of the invoice amount of your test and/or your order for a (Non)COVID-19 Certificate.

Antigen rapid test:

You will receive your certificate within 3 hours after the result of your rapid test (we strive for 1 hour). If you have not received your certificate within these 3 hours, please send an email, no later than 6 hours after your test sample was taken, to info@coronasnelcheck.nl. We will refund (only) the test if you did inform us by email within 6 hours after sample collection and you still didn’t receive any result (and if booked, a certificate) 8 hours after your test.

I am going on a trip. What can I do if I have not received my (Non)COVID-19 Certificate in time?

PCR test:
When you are travelling, it is important that you schedule your test appointment as early as possible and that you also take sufficient measures in case you did not receive your test result and/or your (Non)COVID-19 Certificate in time for your flight. In the unlikely event that you have not received a result by the evening after the day you were tested, please send an email to info@coronasnelcheck.nl stating your registration number which can be found in the app.

Antigen rapid test:

If you have not received your certificate within 3 hours, please send an email to info@coronasnelcheck.nl.

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