About us

“How are you Diagnostics” is a modern laboratory that works with the latest technologies and is committed to the field of Clinical Chemical and Medical Microbiological, Molecular research.

We do this in particular for private and non-insured care. After years of experience in developing self-sampling tests, this is the next step we have taken to offer high-quality services in healthcare, ripe for the future. Almost all of our tests are offered without you having to leave the house to visit your general practitioner, a blood test center or a medical specialist. You can order our self-sampling tests at any time and perform them at home after receipt, even in complete anonymity. For a number of tests it is not yet possible to do this via a self-sampling kit or completely anonymously. This then has to do with the difficulty of the sampling and/or a possible notification obligation to the GGD that rests on the determination.

Our own IT department has developed special software and apps that support us in the link between participant and results. Mixing up participants and results is excluded by the direct link between our Laboratory information system, the uniquely identifiable tube and the registered participant, whereby our processes and our ISO 27001 certification guarantee your privacy at all times.

We believe it is important to offer tests as accessible as possible, with quality that is generally accepted within laboratories. The results must of course be completely reliable and interpreted by a doctor so that the correct next steps can be advised. With this goal in mind, we have set up our own laboratory.

Our company is ISO 9001 certified and works exclusively with experienced laboratory professionals. We employ a medical microbiologist (BIG: 490 231 532 01) to interpret the results.

At our temporary covid test locations we work together with an organization agency, with more than 20 years of experience in deploying well-trained, hospitable employees, who administer the tests to private and business customers.