Positive Covid-19 test results are reported to the GGD (municipal health service)

In cooperation with HAY Diagnostics

Covid test appointments can be made online

Test locations

Amsterdam Centre

Molsteeg 8

Nearby Dam square and Central Station

Also for Buitenveldert, Amstelveen, Aalsmeer, Schiphol en Badhoevedorp

Covid test in Amsterdam

Are you planning to travel abroad and/or do you require a quick and affordable Covid test result with internationally recognized travel declaration? Coronasnelcheck offers cheap and reliable PCR (NAAT) and rapid Covid tests in Amsterdam for both residents and non-residents and either for tourists or business purpose, officially validated by the Dutch National Institute of Public Health (RIVM).

There are several testing locations in Amsterdam, including Amsterdam City Centre (Centrum). So whether you are near Central Station, the Canal District or the business district (Zuidas), there is a nearby Covid testing location in Amsterdam. Not staying in Amsterdam? We also offer low-cost PCR and rapid tests in Haarlem and Laren. All our locations are staffed with trained medical personnel and have been inspected by an independent auditor of the municipal health service (GGD).

We aim to deliver your Covid test results as fast as possible. PCR test results are received at the latest in the evening of the following day after taking the test. Rapid test results and certificate are delivered within 1 hour. With the PCR tests, a multilingual non-Covid declaration (if tested negative) is included with the price, allowing you to travel with most airlines, to enter most countries (e.g. United Kingdom, Germany, France, United States, Canada, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Croatia, South Africa, China, Japan, Brazil, Dubai, Australia, Turkey, Switzerland, Morocco, Israel, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Philippines, South Korea, etc.) and/or to avoid quarantine. This travel certificate is not included with the rapid test, but may be requested for an additional low fee.

We also offer special Covid testing types and arrangements in and outside Amsterdam. We work for a large number of companies to test their employees and/or visitors on location or at one of our testing sites, to ensure a pleasant and safe working environment. We also offer less invasive and uncomfortable ways of testing for the presence of the coronavirus, like our saliva PCR test and shallow nose rapid test (also suitable for testing children for Covid). If you require an urgent Covid test, you may receive your PCR test result and travel declaration within the same day, for an additional fee.
In short, Coronasnelcheck offers the cheapest Covid tests in and outside of Amsterdam, with the highest quality standards, giving you more certainty about the coronavirus and allowing you to travel to most other countries through Schiphol Airport or otherwise.

About Coronasnelcheck

Coronasnelcheck is an initiative of How Are You Diagnostics B.V.. In cooperation with our partners, organisational and medical knowledge and resources have been bundled in order to be able to offer officially recognised COVID-19 rapid tests and PCR tests at low cost. Both consumers and corporate clients can come to Coronasnelcheck for a Covid-19 rapid test with/without (travel) certificate.

Coronasnelcheck has opened Covid test locations in various municipalities, where you can quickly and easily make an appointment online for a PCR test or rapid test / antigen test at advantageous rates. At the moment, you can go for a Covid test in Amsterdam (City Centre and South), Haarlem and Het Gooi (Laren / Huizen). We also offer tailormade testing on location.

All tests used have been validated by the RIVM and are administered by medically trained personnel. The fastness of the result of our tests (rapid test within 15-30 minutes, PCR test no later than the evening of the next day) makes our tests also suitable for situations where the test result must be very recent (eg travel abroad) or when a Covid test is required urgently.

Our PCR tests come standard with an internationally recognised travel declaration / test certificate, with which you can travel to most countries. With the rapid test the travel certificate can be ordered additionally. Our cooperation with several social and educational institutions such as MBO Amersfoort and ROC Utrecht enables us to offer the lowest price in the Netherlands. Therefore, you choose Coronasnelcheck not only for quality, but also for the cheapest PCR or rapid test.